Should Mothers Use a Baby Carrier For Their New-born?

Should Mothers Use a Baby Carrier For Their New-born?

Baby carriers have been around in one shape or form for as long we can remember. In ancient times parents come up with some very ingenious ways of carrying their infant. Fortunately today’s technology has advanced leap and bounds and the means of baby transportation has evolved to a completely different new level.

Today parents have a wide range of baby carriers, baby slings, baby wraps and back packs to suit everybody’s individual needs. It is quite obvious that after spending most of its early life within its mother’s womb a baby subconsciously feels the need to still be close to either one of their parents.

There is a growing belief that for a new-born to develop and build a close relationship with its parents and family members it still needs to have that very close and intimate relation after birth. There is no better way for that to be possible than for the infant’s parents to use a baby carrier, sling or wrap compared to pushing the child around in a pram or stroller.

It is noticeable that babies who are “worn” in a baby carrier do not cry as much as ones that don’t go in one. That is because they tend to be more aware of their surroundings whilst being carried instead of being pushed around having to stare into space from the inside of a stroller.

A good quality baby sling or wrap is a great asset for any parent who wants to keep their infant close to them and still get on with whatever they are doing. Front carriers and slings can be classed as dual-purpose pieces of equipment because they allow you to carry your child securely and safely whilst you keep your hands free to do all the household chores without any interruptions.

There are three main types of baby carrier on the market today.

Front Carriers: More often than not these are the type used for new-born babies because it allows the child to face inwards initially and then face outwards as they get older. This type of carrier is fully adjustable and the better quality type allow for weight of the infant to be distributed evenly.

Slings/Wraps: This type of baby carrier allows the new-born to be cradled either vertically or horizontally in a soft fabric. The sling carriers are draped across the parent’s shoulder and around their body. This type of baby carrier gives excellent support to the child and consequently allows the parent a great deal of privacy when they are having to feed the child.

Backpack or Frame Carriers: The backpack carriers allow the infant to be carried high on their parent’s back. This form of baby carrier is ideally suited for any form of outdoor activity. Backpack carriers are more suited to older babies because the child has to be able to support their heads up all independently. Backpack carriers are not ideal for the parent to have access to the infant but they are more comfortable for carrying the baby for long periods of time.

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