Bringing a newborn baby home

Bringing a newborn baby home

Bringing a newborn baby home can be a little bit stressful for the first time mom, but do not stress too much. Mother’s nature’s instinct will kick in full force you do not need to worry. Expecting mothers sometimes pack in clothes for the trip home before going to the hospital. Alternatively, they may possibly wait to see what the weather is like at that time and have their partners bring clothing for both themselves and the baby.  Plan though to bring loose-fitting clothing for yourself because you most likely will still not fit into your pre-pregnancy outfits just yet.

Always dress your baby as you would dress yourself. If you would be too hot for a knitted hat during summer your baby will most probably be too.

In hot weather dress your baby in a t-shirt and light cotton pants with a baby blanket. If it is cold outside dress, your baby in a full baby grow with a hat and blanket.

You will bring home a much calmer baby if you do not spend a lot of time at the hospital trying to dress your newborn baby in a very complicated outfit that requires pushing and pulling slightly on your newborn whilst getting them into a difficult outfit.

Before leaving the hospital make sure you know when they baby’s first checkup should be scheduled for. Depending on the circumstances for example if your baby is premature, you might be sent home with a special monitor for checking your babies breathing and heart rate.

But whether your newborn baby us full term or premature do not feel rushed to go home. Have all your questions answered before you leave the hospital?  And if you find yourself stuck or wondering about anything from bathing, breastfeeding, burping ask your baby’s doctor if you are struggling. Also, do not forget to ask your friends and family for help you are going to need it.

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