Do you need to buy a pram for the first time, but not too sure which one will be best for you?

Do you need to buy a pram for the first time, but not too sure which one will be best for you?

A pram is firstly one of the most important items to purchase when you have a little one or a new born on the way.

Safety and comfort is the most important for a mother and her infant.  After all you are the one who will be pushing the pram around. So look for a comfortable pram for you and your infant and to make your life easier.

There are a few types of prams available on the market today:

You get your standard kind of pram, this type of pram is available in all different styles, colours and sizes. They usually have a padded seat and can decline backwords for baby to lay down. Seating can vary from forward facing to rear facing.

Car seat prams, these type of prams are very similar to the standard pram, these type of prams allow to you to attach your car seat to the pram. You just remove your car seat with your infant still inside and it clicks into your pram.  This is a great option to go for when parents know that they will be taking their infants in and out of the car often.

Lightweight baby prams these type of prams are better for older toddlers it’s a simple pram they fold up easily and take up very little space.  They are not expensive at all and are often used for a second pram to use easily when travelling.

The classic style baby pram is like the traditional English pram. They have a flat sleeping surface for your baby to lay in.  These type of prams have often larger wheels with inflatable tyres.

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