Summer Travel with Baby

Summer Travel with Baby

The warmer weather will start approaching again soon, it is a great time of year during summer to plan a family holiday away. If you have a little baby though I am always advisable to plan ahead before you hit the road.

Here are some tips for travelling safely with a baby:

  • Check In with your baby’s paediatrician to make sure she is healthy
  • Make sure that your babies immunisations are all up to date.
  • Most medical aids cover emergency medical care no matter where you are, but it is best to just double check these things to make sure you are fully covered.
  • Now that you have read up on some of these valuable safety and health information for your travels, it is now the time you getting packing!

Babies travel bag:                               

  • Baby food and supplies, you need to feed your baby breast milk or formula, such as bottles and you might need a breast pump. It is always best to take extra food or formula in case of any travel delays.
  • Changing pad, nappies and bum cream.
  • Extra baby clothes.
  • Rattle, book or favourite toy.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Medication (if your baby needs it).
  • Whether you will be travelling by car, boat or plane these travel safety requirements are the same when travelling with a baby.

Do you have any Travelling tips when travelling with a baby?