The Royal History of Baby Prams

history prams

Baby prams were first introduced in the United Kingdom. This was accomplished through the order of the British Court. The first prams were designed to be very elegant, that baby princesses could sleep in them.

The design of the classic pram was a four wheeled wooden carriage with a handle. The handle was in front of the baby. This way, the little princess in the pram could be admired & seen by all while walking. This came to be known as the classic-style baby carriage.

Many companies still produce this classic-style pram, as their popularity has grown recently. Fashion, liking of old design, and key celebrities using this vehicle has helped to create demand for baby prams in today’s times. Undoubtedly, this type of baby carriage will continue to rise in popularity in the years to come.

As we move from the past to a further technological age, prams will continue to be improved & altered in design for the benefit of both parent and child. Many of the classic prams that existed of the past have been re-worked, and re-modelled in today’s modern prams.

Many newly designed baby prams last not only for new-born babies, but for toddlers as well. Some prams these days come 2-in-1, that is, one can convert this pram to a baby stroller in later years. This saves the parent money & allows your baby to get comfortable and used to one transporter.

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