Tips for buying the perfect Holiday pram

Tips for buying the perfect Holiday pram

Are you planning a holiday away this summer with your children? Then a lightweight pram is an ideal transport to use for your child.

With holiday season just around the corner kids emporium midrand decided to put together tips for buying the perfect holiday pram:

Choose the right weight pram

Go for a leightweight pram, so it can be carried around easily without struggling.

Get a pram with a carry handle

With going for a lightweight pram, a pram that comes with a carry handle will make it much easier for you to hold and push.

Test the prams folding mechanism

Buying an easy to fold pram will save you time and the hassle of trying to put the pram up or down when you are in a hurry.

Smaller wheels for easier manoeuvring

Smaller wheels mean small turning circles, which are great for narrow streets, shops and markets.

Storage and sun canopy

Most lightweight prams are very much basic, but it is nice to have storage pouches for all your holiday accessories that need to get tagged along and a large sun canopy on the pram this will offer protection from the hot summer sun.

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