What should your newborn baby sleep in?

What should your newborn baby sleep in?

You are probably very excited to start setting up your baby’s sleeping place, but you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and confuse by all the varieties of furniture and bedding options that are available on the market today.

Here is a guide to help you:

Firstly, you would like to choose a cot that baby can use right up until baby has his or her own bed. So make sure you go for a very strong and sturdy model, as you would like it to last a few years.

There are many types of cots available but bedside cots and co-sleeper cots are height adjustable and have one open side. These cots can be fitted right up against your bed, which is perfect for those night time feeds.

Always make sure that a cot is deep enough, has bars that are the right distances apart. Other things to ask yourself is, where are you planning to put the cot? Would you want it neatly in a corner, or be oval shaped?  Etc.

Here are a few of the main types of cots that you will find:

Moses Basket

You can use a Moses basket until your baby is around three to four months. Your baby might prefer the cosiness of a Moses basket. These cots are very secure, lightweight and portable. This really comes in handy when you baby is still very small and you want to carry and have baby close to you. You can pick up baby with the handles with one hand securing the bottom of the cot. A wooden stand lets you place the Moses Basket at a more suitable height for you.


If your pram has a carrycot, it can be used for your baby’s first bed. It is much smaller than a cot and it has a snugger for your baby. This can save you money, as you then do not need to but a separate Moses Basket.

Standard baby cot

A standard baby cot will have four fixed sides and slats. These cots come in all different styles. These Cots are very sturdy and last for very long, you will and can use it for a good few years. You can use a baby cot bumper with this type of cot.

Whatever cot you decide to go for do not forget about the bedding for the cot as this does not always come with the cot.


Cot mattress should be nice, thick, and sturdy to help support your baby while sleeping. Whether the mattress is made from foam, natural fibre, or even springs make sure that it is always firm, fits the cot perfectly without any gaps and does not sag at all. Buying new rather than second and when coming to a cot is always usually best. However, if not be sure to just make sure that the mattress is all fine.  Foam mattress cost the least and if they have a plastic cover, they are very easy to keep clean.

Sheets and Blankets

Fitted sheets are the best and stay in place in a cot. You can find all different colours and themes for babies bedding.

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